Thursday, April 8, 2010

Secret Sound Guesses

I had to leave town last week for a funeral and was not able to hear secret sounds from last tuesday till yesterday.  If anyone would care to share those guesses I will put them on my list.  Thanks

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I got through today 4/9/2010 but did not win :(


  1. 3/22/2010
    1. Pulling a staple out of a stack of papers
    2. Calking gun
    3. Automatic whole puncher

    1. Stapler (2nd guess)
    2. Closing wood blinds
    3. Coking gun

    1. Cap on a medicine bottle
    2. The automatic light button on a grill
    3. Self Inking Stamp

    1. Seat belt
    2. Book Flipping Closed
    3. A Can Opener

    1. Smashing a metal can
    2. Pulling chain on a light switch
    3. ?

    1. The enter button on the keyboard
    2. Paper being pulled in a paper
    3. Latch on a trunk

  2. 4/13/2010
    Locking a car.

  3. I really appreciate your blog and I'm trying to help you out on those ads! ;) I wanted to help update things that I've been able to catch.

    The guesses I've heard are:

    1.Breaking a head of lettuce
    2.Opening a briefcase
    3.Shifting into PARK or DRIVE in the car

    Hints given:

    1.You'll hear it around the house.
    2.It's in the room with the stove.

    I think they're getting sick of those 'office type' guesses.

    Thanks again for helping the rest of us have a chance at winning!