Monday, March 29, 2010

Week ending 4/3/2010 and Micheal Buble Mania again

I won $100 this week from FM100 was a little sad I never got through to win the Disneyland tickets.  Oh well.  Also if you like this blog and find it usefull please feel free to let me know also if you don't mind clicking on one of the ads that follow after my posts, I do get a little bit of money when people click on them.

This week I will still be listening to B98.7 so I can win Todd and Erin's Secret Sound, it is almos tover $4,000 now.  Also several stations are giving away Micheal Buble tickets again for his concert this week.

Today’s 106.5 - phone numbers: 801-570-5679, 801-670-5679, 801-470-5679
Daily Contests:
  • School of Fish- At 6:40 every morning they give 4 fun facts, the 10th call at 8:15 that can name one of the facts get the prize package of 3-5 things.
    • Fact: 3/30/2010- 3% of people with pets takes showers with thier pets
    • 3/30/2010 prizes: Ballet West tickets, Redcliffe DVD, Rhodes Rolls, New Moon DVD, Village Inn Breakfast, and Wrestlemania DVD
Temporary Contests
  • Last chance Micheal Buble tickets, go to Today's website and look for the lost tickets, they are somewhere on the website.
    • They are located on Fisher and Peggy's Blog page, on top ribbon click Blogs and then Fisher and Peggy, then scroll down and you will see them
  • Plus many other on Today's website

FM100.3 - 801-570-1100, 801-670-1100, 801-470-1100
Daily Contests:
  • FM100 Prize Closet- Different Prizes, be the right caller at 3:25 p.m.
    • This week's prize: A car care kit, and be entered to win the grand prize care care kit
  • Listen while you work- Register online and you may win (do not have to be listening to win). They announce the winner in the 1:00 hour.
    • This week's prize: Gift Certificate to Archibald's Restaurant at Gardner Village and a pair of tickets to the Utah Jazz game on April 6th from Wattsmart!
Temporary Contests:
  • Ultimate Yard Makeover- enter online and you can win a $10,000 makeover
  • FM100 At-Work Cash- listen every weekday at 8:15, 9:15, 11:15, 1:15, and 4:15. Contest starts tomorrow. Win $100 when you are the 10th caller, also enter online to win $1000.
    • I won this last week, and usually can win every time they do it great one to try for.
BEE 98.7 - 801-570-9870, 801-670-9870, 801-470-9870
Daily Contests:
  • Word Scramble- around 9:40 you can find the letters then go to this site to find the word. Call back when Shawn Stevens says to win the prize.
    • This Weeks Prize:
    • Today's Letters: 3/29/2010
  • Lunchtime Bistro- Shawn Stevens tells you the song, when it plays be the 10th caller to win the prize.
    • Today's Song:
    • Today's Prize:
Temporary Contests:
  • Secret Sound- The pool starts at $1000 for every wrong guess they add $98 to the pool. I will keep a ongoing list of the wrong guesses at this link, if I miss some please help us all out by posting them in a comment and I will add them to the mast list. Listen at 8:10, 1:10, and 4:10. After the pool gets higher Todd will start giving hints. Click here for secret sound list
  • Everytime you hear a Michael Buble song between 9AM and 1PM, caller 20 wins a copy of Michael Buble's latest CD "Crazy Love" and a copy of "Michael Buble Meets Madison Square Garden!" PLUS, you'll get qualified to win a pair of tickets and "Meet & Greet" passes for the Michael Buble concert next Wednesday, March 31st at the E Center!
103.5 The Arrow - 801-570-1035, 801-670-1035, 801-470-1035
Daily Contests:
  • 5 for the drive-Listen for the 4 songs with a common them, call in and repeat all 5 songs and win
  • Lunchbreak request-Listen to Sue Kelley on how to win
Temporary Contests:
  • Double your paycheck- enter your name on their website then listen for your name on Mondays at 9 a.m., 11 a.m., and 3 p.m. Call within 30 minutes and you will double your paycheck (up to $1000)
  • U2 VIP package-enter online to win a tickets to the conert here and to a concert in Denver with a $500 southwest gift card
  • Plus several more on their website

KBULL 93 - 801-570-9393, 801-670-9393, 801-470-9393
Current Contests:
  • Name Game-listen several times a day and if they call your name you have 10 minutes to call in and claim the $1,000
Temporary Contests:
  • AMC fly away- Listen at 7:15 in the morning for a chance to win a fly away to vegas and a stay at the MGM
  • Listen to win Stadium of Fire tickets with Carrie Underwood
  • Various contests for different concerts
97.1 ZHT 801-570-1971, 801-470-1971, 801-670-1971
Temporary Contests:
  • Baby Idol- enter online to win a dream nursery
  • Justin Bieber- enter online to win tickets to his concert in July
  • Vaious other contests online.

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  1. I need your help my husband was at work and was listening to a radio station and he was caller #10 and won stadium of fire tickets. He does not know how to claim them because he does not know what radio station it was -DUH- I know crazy he was like it is not a big deal but I WANT them. So, it was the week of June 7--11 and it was not on the thurs. or fri. I am thinking it would have been like on that tues or wed. do you know what radio station would have been giving them away. if you know this information please help me and post it on your blog. Thanks