Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week Ending 5/1, secret sound again

Sorry for no updates last week, I got really busy and could just not find any time to get on here.  Secret Sound part 2 will start this week.  FM100 has lots of good prizes, and you can win a IPAD from Kbull. 

Today’s 106.5 - phone numbers: 801-570-5679, 801-670-5679, 801-470-5679
Daily Contests:
  • School of Fish- At 6:40 every morning they give 4 fun facts, the 10th call at 8:15 that can name one of the facts get the prize package of 3-5 things.
    • Fact: 4/26/2010- more people have died in car accidents then all the wars the the US have ever been in.
    • 4/26/2010 prizes: $50 to Macaroni Grill, Backstreet Boys tickets, Iron Man 2 advance screening tickets, tulip festival tickets
Temporary Contests
  • Backstreet Boys tickets-go online and find the two matching pictures and you will be entered into win tickets to the concert
  • Pick your purse- listen at 7:10 every morning for the next 2 weeks.  If you are the right caller you win a purse that may have some other prizes inside the purse.  Plus enter online.  There will be a winner each day online and at 7:10.
  • Plus many other on Today's website

FM100.3 - 801-570-1100, 801-670-1100, 801-470-1100

Daily Contests:
  • FM100 Prize Closet- Different Prizes, be the right caller at 3:25 p.m.
    • This week's prize:  Spot the Tot Prize Pack, including a family meal deal at Pirate Island Pizza and a family pass to Kangaroo Zoo!
  • Listen while you work- this has changed now you must listen in and call.  At 12:20 Rebecca will announce it is time to call and the 10th caller wins.
    • This weeks prize:T Gift Card to Archibalds Restaurant at Gardner Village and a pair of passes to the FM100.3 Screening of Letters to Juliet, May 10th at the Megaplex at The Gateway!
Temporary Contests:
  • Mothers day package-listen every week day to Brian Foxx (usually during the 7 oclock hour) and you can win tickets to Celtic Women and Mothers day brunch at Gardner Village.
  • FM100 At-Work Cash- listen every weekday at 8:15, 9:15, 11:15, 1:15, and 4:15. Contest starts tomorrow. Win $100 when you are the 10th caller, also enter online to win $1000.
BEE 98.7 - 801-570-9870, 801-670-9870, 801-470-9870

Daily Contests:
  • Word Scramble- around 9:40 you can find the letters then go to this site to find the word. Call back when Shawn Stevens says to win the prize.
    • This Weeks Prize
    • Today's Letters:
  • Lunchtime Bistro- Shawn Stevens tells you the song, when it plays be the 10th caller to win the prize
Temporary Contests:
  • Secret Sound- The pool starts at $1000 for every wrong guess they add $98 to the pool. I will keep a ongoing list of the wrong guesses at this link, if I miss some please help us all out by posting them in a comment and I will add them to the mast list. Listen at 8:10, 1:10, and 4:10. After the pool gets higher Todd will start giving hints. Click here for secret sound list

103.5 The Arrow - 801-570-1035, 801-670-1035, 801-470-1035

Temporary Contests:
  • U2 VIP package-enter online to win a tickets to the conert here and to a concert in Denver with a $500 southwest gift card
  • Listen in the morning for a chance to win tickets to RUSH
  • Plus several more on their website

KBULL 93 - 801-570-9393, 801-670-9393, 801-470-9393
Current Contests:

  • Name Game-listen several times a day and if they call your name you have 10 minutes to call in and claim the $1,000
Temp Contests:
  • IPAD a day- listen every week day this week for the cue to call.  Be the 10th caller or the 930th text to quailfiy, then listen the next day at 7:10 to see if you are the winner 


  1. Measuring Tape Retracting was the 4:10 guess yesterday

  2. I have made a page that has all the guesses for the B98.7 Todd and Erin's Secret Sound. This is Secret Sound number 2. Also on this site I have a blog and the last post gives tips on how to better your chances of being the 20th caller.

    The site is:

  3. You should update your blog I just saw it & would like this info.
    Also does any one know which radio stations are connected?