Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week of May 8th... Check it Out!

94.1 KODJ
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Win Get Outdoors Expo Tickets

97.1 ZHT
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Win $1,000 & a Trip to American Idol Finale

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Win Papa Murphy's Pizza

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Disneyland Trip-a-Day

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Disneyland Trip-a-Day

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Disneyland Trip-a-Day
U2 360 Tour Tickets
American Idol Live Tour Tickets

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blogs are Back!

The Utah Radio Contests blog has been inactive for a while because the previous blogger has moved out of state. I'm going to pick up where he left off.

I'm a former Marketing and Promotions Director for a handful of Salt Lake City radio stations. I'll update weekly with a list of all of the radio stations and their current contests. I hope this will make it easy for everyone to have one central location to go to and stay updated on all of the current radio contests. I also hope that everyone will feel free to comment and chime in and give additional help and let us all know what you have won... and let me know if there is a contest that I'm missing. I've noticed that the local TV stations are starting to run a lot of contests, so I'll probably post those as well.

Winning radio contests is actually a lot easier than most people think. Industry research shows that only 1-2% of any given radio station's listeners actually participate in the contests. So, you're odds of winning are better than Vegas!

Think about this... have you been to a local radio station remote broadcast lately??? No one goes to them, and the radio stations almost always have a good stock of free stuff to give away at them (they are getting paid to be at some car dealership or grocery store and to look good to the paying client they have to show up with a lot of free stuff to giveaway).

Radio stations have more free stuff to give away than they know what to do with.

Happy winnings!